DAS TECHNO TEAM IS a multidisciplinary platform portraying the diverse aspects of electronic music:
Body movement to sound, nightlife & club-culture, underground art & fashion, Physical & mental balance.

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born in dark times, to shed light over the beauty of the rave, For those who have experienced it and those who still haven’t. For those who ran marathons on many dancefloors and for those who were always afraid to let themselves go.


This first limited batch of T-Shirts is our sign of gratitude to you. Without the support and the feedback we had over the last years, we wouldn’t have been able to grow and constantly improve. You are Techno Team.


We have created a minimalist, genderless design pattern, in four sizes. The shirts are made of 100% high quality cotton by our fam Vertere Berlin , who have been supporting our platform since the very beginning and we’re super happy and proud to be a part of this symbiosis.


The shirts will be delivered to anywhere you are in the world.


And here’s a Team bonus, if you buy a shirt, you get a free ticket to our next Bunker Rave in Berlin.